Hello Friends! Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio!

I could post a fancy, formal portrait here, but as you will learn from looking at my images...that's just not my style. There is something more personal about candid shots, don't you think?

Something that sets me apart from other photographers is how I choose to engage with my clients. By the time your wedding day comes you will feel like we are friends!

I truly have your best interest at heart. I believe that God gave me an incredible gift, and the most amazing part of my job is sharing it with you!

a good portfolio

is consistent

Is original

Is timeless

is creative

is joyful

is what you will
see here

Fine Art Film

In a digital world, real photographers still know the value that film photography has. If you want to add a touch of class to your wedding or portrait photography, or if you are interested in a fine art film session, please contact the studio for more details. You will receive digital scans of all of the film exposures I capture, a real tangible print on fuji matte paper and your negatives. I am proud to be one of the only photographers in the area who is able to offer this timeless, luxury item to my clients. 


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